Cameron Williams currently lives and works in Chattanooga, Tennessee. In May 2020 she graduated with a BFA in Photo Media Arts from The University of Chattanooga at Tennessee. Her practice primarily focuses on themes of consciousness, perception, identity, and the materials that mediate the layers of one’s experience; these materials consist of reflective and transparent surfaces, and projected media.


To be conscious is to be in a process of sensing and reasoning; these are the operations that inherently allow us to perceive the world and construct reality. When navigating a specific place, there are a number of variables being taken into account to construct a perception of reality; the materials that make up the space, the objects that exist in the space, and our body in relation to all of these. When a shift in one of these variables occurs, a shift in perception occurs, altering the experience— the reality.
Consciousness is inseparable from the body, and the body is inextricable from from it’s environment. One does not observe life through static observation; a unified realization comes through the world bringing the mind into existence, and the mind perceiving the world and one’s own existence. Substance is actively realized through existence while simultaneously existence is being realized through substance.

When navigating the world, one projects an image in physical spaces, digital spaces, and the conscious minds of others. These images are pushed out— transform, shift, and repeat. One’s image and the signs and symbols attached to this image construct identities. However, these identities one contains are not as simple as adding up one’s interests, characteristics, or achievements. The notion of self is always active, fleeting, and circling back. Constructed perceptions others have and the perception one has of the self blend together and tear apart, resulting in a duality of the self and of one’s identity.

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